Sunrise Energy SR-M660340HL


This product provides a variety of options such as 340w output power. The effective area of the cell is larger than that of the conventional single crystal cell with chamfered Angle, and the increase of the area can bring about the increase of the actual power generation efficiency. The module appearance can also be greatly improved by using large square crystal battery package.


0-3% positive tolerance guarantee

The use of high light transmission and reflection reduction 3.2mm glass, low light environment electric performance is stronger

PID attenuation can be minimized under conventional conditions

Approved by the wind load 2400Pa and snow pressure 5400Pa load certification, and TUV test certification

The single cell size is increased to 158.75*79.375(mm), which can eliminate the chamfering loss of single crystal

25 years industry leading linear power quality assurance

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Datasheet SR 340wp

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